IT Staffing

IT Staffing

Saino Federal Consulting Group averages our extensive experience, vast industry knowledge, and proven methodologies to assess client needs and provide the IT talent to do the job right. Our active network and our deep candidate database, built over more than a decade, are robust resources for finding hardworking technology talent.

In addition to IT staffing and services, Saino Federal is frequently called upon by our federal government contractor clients to partner with them in developing proposal responses, allowing us to demonstrate our ability to fill the critical staffing and services needs of a given federal department and / or agency.

Saino Federal provides three primary staffing solution options to our clients.


A contract position is often based around a project, which may range from several weeks to several months or longer. Saino Federal works closely with the client to identify and hire an individual who possesses skills well-suited to perform the identified tasks. Saino Federal bills the client at an hourly rate for as long as the employee works on the project.


A contract-to-hire position is normally an opportunity which may lead to full time work with the client. Saino Federal works closely with the client to identify and hire an individual with the right skillset. During the contract period, Saino Federal employs the individual and provides benefits.

Our clients have time to evaluate the employee during the contract period, prior to making a commitment to the employee directly. During the contracting period, Saino Federal charges the client an hourly rate that includes the fee to hire. At the end of the contract period, the client may hire the Saino Federal employee with no additional fees.

Direct Hire

Saino Federal works closely with our client to identify candidates who fit the profile of the position, and who have the desire to become part of the client’s direct team. Saino Federal screens and interviews candidates, charging the client a one-time fee when a candidate is hired

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